The Vermi-Culture Makers Club promotes new culture around worms by awarding small commissions and prizes for outstanding work.

photo : Katarzyna Jankowska

photo : Katarzyna Jankowska

The first commission has been awarded to Krzysztof Topolski, who created a musical composition inspired by composting worms. Krzysztof is an audio artist from Poland, who is known for his works that give voice to the unseen, such as this piece, Attention! Porpoise.  His new work premiered at the Vermi-Culture Makers Club exhibition in March 2015 at the Kentucky School of Art gallery.

We also held a competition for additional cash Vermi-Prizes. There were 10 great Award Finalists and 4 were selected as the ultimate winners for their excellent worm-related culture.

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worm chalice

Chalice worm bin by Matthew Herrmann, Zac Weinberg and Henry Peller