Vermi-Prize Winners Announced

There was a fantastic pool of creative entries to chose from for the first Vermi-Prize. After deliberation, they were narrowed down to the top 10 Award Finalists. Congratulations to all of the excellent work created in celebration of worms.


The Urbeen, by Studio Claire Hornn

Worms in Space, by Katie Staples and Eric Hamilton

Understory, by Loren Kronemyer

Compostable Fashion and Art, by Lorrie and Harriet McAllister

Worms Will Do the Work, by Joe Wirtheim

e-worm, By Gavino Chachalo y Maria Patricia Tinajero


We wished we had extra money to give out to all the finalists, but we needed to narrow it down to four recipients, who will each win $250 dollars of juicy prize money.

And the winners  are:

Street Corner Composter by Rowin Snijder Street Corner Composterby Rowin Snijder

torso-wormbin Wormy Girl Torso, by Ann Corley Silverman

gaia-cabinet Gaia Cabinet, by Erika Braccini

lostworm Can you Help Me Find My Worm, by Ruth Burke

Congratulations to all, and happy arting and worming!

Amy M. Youngs