Worm Hotel with Water Feature

A sweet new Worm Hotel was built by Rowin Snijder at Le Compostier.

Compostier Watergarden9

Watergarden Wormhotel at the Green Living Lab
design: Rowin Snijder
© 2017 Le Compostier

His previous creation, the Street Corner Composter, won a Vermi-Prize here in 2015. Like his past worm bin architecture, his new project focuses on the community aspects of composting, but this time the community includes birds, water plants and pollinators. In his Watergarden Wormhotel a water pond is added to the roof of an outdoor worm bin. It attracts critters looking for a drink of water and also serves to cool the worm bin on hot days. This looks ideal for a backyard, a community garden, or perhaps places we would not think of. Like Disneyland. They definitely need one there.